Bretone mit Ente

Marie du bois de vert pre

Pepsi liegend

Marie du bois de vert pre, called Pepsi, was born in France. Very early she showed her potential. With only 7 months she had her first field trial (DERBY) and reached best scores (4) in all subjects. At age of 13 months she achieved (HZP) constantly 10 points and the superior number of 11 points for use of nose and the work at and in the water.

Kaninapport She is a typical Brittany Pointer, soft and full of passion, easy to lead and very willing to work. Like all Brittany Pointers she needs her family. Always full of energy she doesn't want to miss any fun or action.

During hunting she is highly concentrated and fullfilles every task conscientiously, showing real teamplay without any stress at all.